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Mirmotors handles safe and inexpensive cars.

We want to be your trading partner in Korea.

Contact us for all Korean cars you want!

Mir Motors has been exporting automobiles for 20 years. Starting with buses, we are currently exporting mainly automobiles and trucks. Make a satisfactory deal with our trusty, long-established exporter!


Want to buy?

You can buy any car you want on the site.

We buy cars cheaply in Korea at private transactions or auctions.

If you want to buy a car, please contact us!

Quick and convenient consultation

We can consult whenever you want. With real-time consultation, you can quickly find out information about the desired vehicle.

Product management

When you buy a car, you check the basic condition of the car. We carefully check the overall condition and stability of the car.

Transaction stability

For the safety of the transaction, we will deliver the car information as much as possible. [The car we own can be taken live immediately.]

Convenient delivery

We are responsible for shipping to any port you want, wherever you want. We deliver as cheap and safe as possible by RO-RO or container.

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